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About Jim’s Heating & Cooling – Your Trusted HVAC Solution

Primarily based in Boise, Idaho, Jim’s Heating & Cooling has been serving customers with outstanding air conditioning repairs, maintenance and replacements for more than 40 years. An illustrious presence in Middleton and Star, our commitment to high-quality AC Service has consistently helped in elevating comfort levels for numerous households. Furthermore, our expertise is not confined to just AC services. We are also a pioneer in the areas of Central Air Repair in Boise and Eagle, ensuring that our clients enjoy an overall efficient and high-functioning HVAC system.

From AC service needs in Garden City to HVAC maintenance projects in Meridian, our skilled and certified technicians are always ready with an effective solution. We are constantly striving to uphold excellent customer service, speedy response times and superior level craftsmanship, thereby positioning us as your top choice for all heating and cooling requirements. Trust in Jim’s Heating & Cooling, and experience a hassle-free, comfortable and cool environment in your home.